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What’s needed to handle dentistry’s – and life’s - seemingly insurmountable challenges?


Dr. Steven L. Haase’s first solo, ‘from scratch’ practice thrust him into managing and providing fee-for-service dentistry which developed into twelve hour workdays just to accommodate the patient flow and pace.  Selling a dental partnership and building another seven figure practice pushed life to the ledge of insanity… of which Dr. Haase fell off. 

Dr. Haase’s survival and road to recovery inspired his national lecture, Conquering the Insanity, shared with thousands of dentists around the country teaching cosmetic dentistry, practice management and personal boundary setting methods to avoid that “ledge of insanity” dentists tend to visit throughout our careers.   He offers a candid, frank discussion outlining his journey through drug abuse/recovery and addiction’s presence in dental offices throughout our profession in his presentation, The Reality of Addiction.

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Conquering The Insanity: Tips For Life's Inevitable Curveballs

Dentists must deal with incredible daily challenges in both their personal and professional worlds.  Dr. Haase shares his inspiring story of overcoming life’s obstacles and offers techniques for coping with our inevitable daily challenges.  Also covered are new found practice “jewels” and a dynamic cosmetic presentation offering incredible clinical tips and ideas to take back to the office 

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The Reality Of Addiction: It's Cause and Effect

Addiction has been viewed as a shameful, weak character flaw, though in reality it is a disease and disability. Dr. Haase shares his personal, first-hand experience and the many aspects of chemical dependency which can exist within the confines of a dental practice including patients, team and doctors.  Topics include the addiction process, various drugs from prescription to manufactured street drugs and their effects, the signs and symptoms of addiction, treatment options and ways to curtail incidents associated with addiction.

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